About PA School Match

Making Your Search for PA Schools Easier

The Problem with PA Admissions

Admission requirements aren’t always straightforward. Some schools will list out their criteria in a single “Admissions Page”, but on other pages state additional criteria like “minimum grade requirement for Chemistry.” If you don’t find the other hidden pages, you end up paying the application fee, but ultimately get screened out as an “incomplete” application. You lose money, time, and perhaps hope.

The Origins of PA School Match

Owner and founder of PA School Match, Jason McNamee created the company as a result of going through the PA school admissions process himself.

“For months I researched each PA program in the U.S., trying to find every one that I met the minimum admission qualifications for. Searching through pages labeled “Admission Requirements” not seeing any red flags and getting excited, only to have my hopes dashed when I looked at the “FAQ” page and realized there were additional requirements not posted on the “Admission Requirements” page.”

At the end of his multiple month search Jason had narrowed his list down to 17 schools. He applied to all 17 and ended up getting one interview.

“I did it! All those months of research paid off. I was invited for only one interview, and I was going to nail it…. or so I thought,” Jason recalls.
Jason had used up so much time researching schools that he didn’t have time to work on his interview skills, gain more experience, or plan out how he would present himself. After all of his efforts, Jason was waitlisted and did not make the final cut for admission.

Why PA School Match?

After his disappointing experience Jason thought there had to be a way for aspiring physician assistants to find the schools they qualified for. He realized he was not alone in his frustrations after talking to others who had gone through the same experience. If there was a way to get all the legwork done more efficiently, students could focus on gaining more experience, working on interview skills, and not be exhausted and overwhelmed by the time their interview opportunity came.

“I know there are many students out there who like me, that might not have the strongest application, but have hearts and minds determined to help people as a physician assistant. The healthcare industry needs people who are passionate about helping others.