Seasonal Fertilizing

  • Spring Fertilizer Feb/March – This feed gives your lawn a fast green-up after the rigors of winter. This balance feed will give you this dark green striped lawn that will be the envy of your neighbor’s.
  • Weed Control April/May – Once conditions are warm enough we spray a selective herbicide directly onto the weeds. As the weeds recede and die back, the lawn will flourish leaving you with a green and weed free lawn. We also include a liquid feed of trace elements necessary for healthy growth.
  • Summer Fertilizer May/July – Once supplied this fertilizer will feed your lawn and keep it green until the Fall Season. It will promote a dense green lawn. At this stage we will re-treat any weeds that remain.
  • Autumn Fertilizer September/October – A fall fertilizer is supplied at this time of year to maintain the health and vigor of your lawn prior to the onset of winter. This balance feed will improve root growth and lead to a more drought tolerant lawn next season.
  • Moss Control/Winterizing Application October/November – Moss is the biggest threat during this period so we get it before it harms the grass. This treatment plus additional feed kills the moss and improves the color of the grass.

…Another great benefit of using an Organic fertilizer is a much smaller footprint on the environment as synthetic Fertilizers are derived from Petroleum.

Most lawns in Utah have been treated by your average Chem Lawn Company at one point or another. Majority of these companies use an inexpensive quick release nitrogen Fertilizer which provides quick results but no lasting effects. Soil in Utah is so depleted that the turf will take up these fertilizers in just a few days time providing a quick green up but it will taper off quick as there is no more nutrients left until the next round of Fertilizer. This is why many companies now offer 10 + lawn applications per year to compensate for the inexpensive quick release Fertilizers.

Here at Impressive Lawn Care we provide long lasting, organic fertilizers to ensure the soil has a continuous supply of nutrients all year long. Our special blend of Fertilizer uses organic material mined from our local Rocky Mountain mines. This material breaks down slowly in the soil and increases microbial activity leading to healthier soil and a healthier lawn. Our Fertilizer also helps the soil build up resistance to common lawn diseases in Utah such as Necrotic Ring Spot or Summer Patch which can be devastating to a lawn. These common diseases are agitated by synthetic fertilizers so be sure to use Organic fertilizers if your lawn is struggling with this common disease.

Do you have a dog that leaves dead patches everywhere it urinates? Switching to an organic Fertilizer that uses Humate will help reduce the burning effects from the Nitrogen in the urine. This is a slow process though and will take most lawns a full season to build up healthy enough soil to negate the effects from the Urine.